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Impeto Medical is a privately owned medical device company founded in 2005, with US operations based in San Diego, California. Impeto Medical manufactures and markets devices for non-invasive assessment of eccrine sweat gland activity through Sudorimetry.

SUDOSCAN is FDA-cleared for use within the US. Additional product lines, such as EZSCAN and SUDOSCAN+, are approved for use in other regions outside the United States.

"The earlier we assess peripheral small nerve fibers, the more we learn about the relationship between dysautonomia, chronic disease, and potential treatment interventions of one of the most common complications associated with metabolic disorders."

- Marie-Laure Névoret, M.D.

News & Events

The ADA's "Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2016" has just been released!.
The Standards of Medical Care now affirm that the most common early symptoms of DPN are induced by small fibers whereas large fiber involvement occurs later and causes loss of protective sensation (LOPS). Therefore assessment should include both small and large fiber measures. Additionally, the ADA recommends that all patients with diabetes be assessed for diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) at least annually. The recognition of neuropathy is important as up to 50% of affected patients may be asymptomatic. Click here to learn more about Sudoscan and sudomotor function testing for small nerve fiber assessment.

ICD10 are rapidly approaching. Effective October 1 2015. Sign up here to receive our latest/new educational document titled ”SUDOSCAN & ICD-10”. (Preview here).

Healio Endocrine Today: Improved sudomotor autonomic dysfunction in diabetes after bariatric surgery. Read the news article here.

Impeto Medical Responds to Published Allegations by LD Technology LLC ("LD"). Read the Press Release here.

Latest Research and Results

Drs. Vinik, Névoret and Casellini recently published "The new age of sudomotor function testing: a sensitive
and specific biomarker for diagnosis, estimation of severity, monitoring progression, and regression
in response to intervention" in Fontiers in Endocrinology. Read the abstract here .